Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue/Grey
Height Average
Birthday November 26
Age 14
Nationality Danish (Faroese)
Year Fourth
Wand Arm Left
Family Artan Bjørgfinnur (Father)

Astrid Bjørgfinnur (Sister)
Amalja Bjørgfinnur (Sister)
Eilif Bjørgfinnur (Brother)

Wand {{{wand}}}
Blood Pure-blood
Patronus N/A
Boggart His siblings dead or hurt
Amortentia {{{amortentia}}}

Áskil Bjørgfinnur
Fourth Year
This Character Belongs to Audrajoye


Áskil, was born to a pure-blood family.  Along with his 3 siblings Astrid, Amalja, and Eilif.  Him and Astrid have always been the loud, outgoing ones while Amalja and Eilif have always been the quiet, more reserved.  They were born and raised on the Lítla Dímun, one of the Faroe Islands. No muggles live on Lítla Dímun, and they believe it is "uninhabited", making it a good place for Bjørgfinnurs to live.  That means no one to play with when they were little but being quadruplets they always had someone to have a laugh with.  At the age of 11, Áskil and his brother and sisters all got letters from Durmstrang.


He is a bit strongheaded.  He is the "leader" of the quadruplets. Áskil is very determined and will do anything to get his way.  He's also the prankster of the 4, he loves a good joke and having fun doing it.



Astrid is the second oldest of the quadruplets and the sibling that is most like Áskil.  She is loud and you can always count on her to liven the party.  


Amalja is the third oldest. She is quiet and sensitive. Áskil will kill the boy who breaks her heart.


Eilif is the youngest, though Áskil and Eilif are polar opposites they don't clash.  Well, most of the time.