Hair Blue
Eyes Green
Height 6'0
Birthday April 14
Age 12
Nationality Danish
Year Fifth
Wand Arm Right
Wand Ash, Phoenix Feather
Blood Half-Blood (supposedly) Muggle-Born (actually)
Patronus Will be a Phoenix
Boggart Being Found Out
Amortentia Roses
About Alana

Alana Holt is a second year student at Durmstrang Institute. 


Alana snapped, causing her to become agressive and mad at the world, especially 'snobby pure-bloods' She doesn't have friends, as she's afraid they might betray her like her family did. She can be very secretive, as her adoptive parents, whom she's lived with for three years to date, still know very little about her past, and until now thought she's a half-blood because she's concealed her heritage from them. Her adoptive brothers, who now treat her badly, wheedled it out of her.


Alana lived happily in Denmark with her family until a scandal broke out that she had given information about confidential matters to people. Her parents, her biological ones, were guilty, but dumped the blame on nine year old Alana.

She was adopted by the Holts, who thought she was a half-blood. When she confessed her true heritage her adoptive brothers spat on her and called her a filthy Mudblood and other names.

Alana had been so excited about Durmstrang that they lied about her blood status for her.


Alana's model is Cara Delevigne.

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