Hair Blonde
Eyes Grey
Height 4'9
Birthday July 19
Age 11
Nationality American
Year First
Wand Arm Right
Blood Pure Blood
Patronus Will be a Unicorn
Boggart Death
Amortentia Tea, pasta and her grandad's cooking.
About Angel

Angel Kalliope Jamesdóttir is a first year student at Durmstrang Institute. She's not the stereotypical blonde but is not so intelligent that she always knows the answers. She prefers relaxing to learning.


Angel is open and friendly, and likes to make friends, as she realised that friends support her just like her father did. She seems to have inherited American looks, and she likes this about herself. She's a sporty girl, although she is very imaginative and still reads sometimes, although always fiction.


Angel, better known by her middle name Rose, was a half-American, half-Icelandic girl, forced at first to live in a society in which everyone thought she was 'that foreign freak' or 'the kid who knows no darn English.' It was in the urban areas of Chicago, Illinois, that Angel spent most of her childhood with her Icelandic father, with an Icelandic surname. 

Her mother left her father just after her birth, meaning James had to struggle with the task of being both parents to his young child. He found it very difficult, as he didn't have a mother's skill. Once she was old enough, at around six, the decision was made for them to move back to Iceland, where James felt that the two of them truly belonged, and even then Angel agreed.

She liked Iceland a lot, and played in snow for many years, learning how to play ice hockey and how, of course, to ice skate on the lake. She had a lot of winter sports nailed also, including toboggan racing and skiing. But as the final few years of primary school loomed, Angel transformed.

Much to her father's dismay, she became studious and bookish. But when she left primary with stellar grades, she went back to being herself. But when the letter came for Durmstrang, she cried. She didn't want to leave her father, but she had to.


Angel's model is Dionne Agron.