This is the Bjørgfinnur family — they come from the Faroe Islands, and are Faroese and pure-blood. They live on Lítla Dímun, where they can do magic without worrying about muggles seeing them, as Lítla Dímun is uninhabited — or so the muggles believe. The children of the family are quadruplets; their father is Artan Bjørgfinnur, their mother is Eirika Joensen. None of the children remember their mother, however, and were raised solely by their father. They don't exactly know who she is or why she isn't there; Artan would never talk about it. The quadruplets, in order of birth, are:

  1. Áskil Bjørgfinnur - Audrajoye
  2. Astrid Bjørgfinnur - LillyDaNinja
  3. Amalja Bjørgfinnur - Belle Linda
  4. Eilif Bjørgfinnur - Rabbitty

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