DAN•ee•kah EESK•rah - awn•REE
Durmstrang (Student)
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Danica Iskra-Henri
Danica Henri
DAN•ee•kah EESK•rah
General Characteristics
Birthdate September 27th
Birthplace Pyhäjärvi, Finland
Ethnicity Serbian (Finnish-born)
Accent Finnish
Blood status Half-blood
Danica Henri sig
Physical Characteristics
Species Human/Witch
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 185 cm
Weight 52 kg
Magical Characteristics
Wand Alder, Unicorn Hair
Patronus Siberian Flying Squirrel
Boggart Being paralyzed by fear
Amortentia Korvapuustit - Makkara
Loyalty Henri Family
School Durmstrang Institute
House The Henri family Household
Occupation (Student)

Danica is an orphan, she was born in Pyhäjärvi, Finland to Serbian parents, Rahela and Emil Iskra. Emil and Rahela gave Danica up for adoption to give her a better life.

Name EtymologyEdit

Full Name:

Danica Iskra-Henri




DAN•ee•kah EESK•rah - awn•REE


Danica - Serbian name meaning Morning star, Venus

Iskra - Bulgarian name meaning Spark

Henri - French and Finnish name meaning Home ruler

About DanicaEdit

Danica was a adopted by a nice Finnish/Russian family, Simo and Milena Henri. Danica has been raised as the Henri's youngest daughter since she was 4 days old. She has four older siblings, the twins Anton and Anna-Lisse, and elder sisters Birgitta and Cecilia. Danica was inducted into the Henri family when her siblings were ages 5 and up, Cecilia being the toddler at the time.

Perhaps it was due to the ages of the Henri children, or Danica's natural positive aura but all the children love her. Anton and Anna-Lisse were never bothered by her crying, they liked to see which one of them would be the first to cheer her up. Brigitta, and Cecilia were a little different, they both wanted to play äiti to Danica if she was crying, or eating, or needed to be changed they wanted to do it.

Everyone found her baby laughter infectious. It often sent the whole family into a laughing fit. Danica fits into her family well in personality and appearance you would never believe she was adopted if not for her last name. She is still a bit reclusive but she is also able to handle herself in stressful situations.

She is the kind of person who likes a lot going on around her when she is trying to focus. The loving family was cut into when Anton and Anna-Lisse, then Gitta and Ceci all began at Durmstrang, the loss of them in the home during the school year was felt all around. With three remaining Henri's to roam the manor they were still eerily depressed, and quiet. It was not until Danica's magic started to burst through that laughter returned.

Family TreeEdit

Danica was adopted at a very young age, merely four days old. She has no knowledge of her biological family aside from the surname Iskra, and the first names Rahela and Emil. The names of her mother and father.


   Simo = Milena
_______________________|___________          |
|         |            |          |          |
Anton    Anna-Lisse    Brigitta   Cecilia   Danica
Native Language: Finnish and Russian
Languages Spoken: Finnish, Russian, Serbian, German and English

Type of Childhood: Happy
Earliest Memory: Anton and Anna-Lisse making funny faces at her


Danica is a fun and friendly girl, she was born with a royal and classy touch. She is sophisticated, organized and versatile. She can be a little dark on a bad day. She grew up with an older brother and three older sisters. She loves to be surrounded by people because it makes her feel at home, but she also likes to be alone because it feels like it is the only time she gets to do whatever she wants.

She is sensitive and curious by nature, able to maintain a cool calm in the most critical of situations. She enjoys time with friends, even when just sitting around doing nothing. Often self-motivated, kind and considerate. She is quite brainy, with a constant thirst for new information, well in touch with artistic flair, which often reflects in her hobbies and work.



Pet(s): Dwarf Rabbit; Tarmo

Danica has only one pet of her very own, a small Dwarf rabbit, a Netherland bunny she named Tarmo. Tarmo is a Finnish name meaning energy or power, Danica chose the name because Tarmo's size is misleading. He is very fast, and quite stealthy he is even oddly strong for such a small animal.

32 cm Alder Unicorn Hair Wand

Clothing - Uniform

Course Books

Quills, Ink and Parchment



Brewing Equipment

Parranan kirja


Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Charms, Healing

Weaknesses: Dark Magic


Birthstone: Sapphire Birth flower: Aster or Morning Glory
Zodiac Sign: Libra Favorite Scent: Orange and ginger
Favorite Drink: Glögi (non-alcoholic) Favorite Sweet: Salmiakki
Handedness: Ambidextrous Clothing Style: Casual