This is an official policy on the Durmstrang Role-Play Wiki.

It should be followed by all editors.


Blocking Policy

Blog Policy

Chat Policy

Character Policy

Role-Play Policy

Writing Policy

Here are the guidelines for chat:

1. No Foul Language – Please no offensive, foul, or inappropriate language. First time is a warning. A ban from chat or the wiki could follow depending on how severe.

2.PG-13 rating – Try to keep everything at a PG-13 level at maximum. PG is preferred. Punishment will vary depending on severity.

3. Threatening – Any form of threats can be grounds for immediate block from the wiki.

4. Insults – Insults will not be dealt with lightly. If you intentionally insult someone, you may be banned from chat or the wiki.

5. Try to avoid giving out big, personal details about yourself.

6. Remember to use common sense. If you think it's wrong, or worry that it might be wrong, don't do it.

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