"I have a warrior's heart, no matter how bad things get, I will fight myself out."
Ebba Gittan
Blood Purity Pure
Sexuality Bisexual
Age 16
Parents Amelia and John Gittan
Year 6
Wand Phoenix feather, Sycamore 8 inches
Boggart Having a child
Patornus Beagle
Favorite Muggle Sport Soccer
Relationship Status Single
Favorite Wizard Sport Quiddich
Favorite Muggle Book Twilight
Clothes Style Muggle\Gothic
Dream Career Pro Quiddich Player
Current Job None
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She's a very friendly person, but she is very headstrong and proud. She is a polite person around teachers, but sometimes she fakes politeness to get into a teacher's good book. But mostly she loves to cause trouble. She loves pranks, she is a creative person once it comes to that. Ebba is a very brave and good hearted person. She is secretive to a level, but not really. She can be very corky and sweet hearted sometimes.


She was born in a rough and tumble family in Sweden. But, she was actually pretty decent in school, compared to most of her family she was. She actually had a troubled childhood, not with crime or anything, just her behavior in class sometimes.

She acted quite rebellious and sometimes studied, but not often. She was very secretive, only trusting her best of friends to keep her secrets, Ebba was a helpful girl, if you deserved the help, she gave it to you. But she was known for being a big trouble-maker. Ebba also loved Quiddich in her days at home. She often speed around quickly on her broomstick.

She did accidental magic when her broomstick flew into her hands. She then was immediately given the letter.

At the age of 11 years, she was presented with her letter to come here. She did, and her years here have been great! She's enjoyed them a lot, her first year was interesting, she meet her best friend, and she made the teacher's permanent bad list. Her second year was dull, nothing much happened that year, her third year was actually quite fun, she made the quiddich team and was a chaser that year.


  • She hates studying, she loves exploring.
  • Her parents were gonna name her Sam.