Enric Klaes2
Enric M. Klaes
First Year
Full Name Enric Mikkel Durand Klaes
Birthday September 23rd
Status Half-blood Wizard
Wand Poplar, Dragon Heartstring
Wand arm Right
Patronus (Will be a) Catalonian Sheepdog
Occupation Student
Loyalty Molina and Klaes families


Enric Mikkel Durand Klaes was born in the Netherlands on September 23rd to Coye Molina and Ede Klaes. Enric is a half-blood, mixed-race wizard. His mother Coye Molina is a Beauxbâtons Académie Professeur, she is a Catalonian/French Half-blood witch. His father Ede Klaes, the proprietor of the family business, Klaes Apothecary, he is a German/French Pure-blood Wizard. Enric, thus far is the couples youngest and only child. His mother and father had been educational instructors since before he was born, it was decided that his father Ede would stay home with him, while his mother returned to work.

Enric is expected to exceed their highest marks in their best subjects. Because of these high expectations he has been summer tutored by them since he could read and comprehend any language. Coye is a lovely woman, patiently instructing him in Divination, Potions and Herbology. Ede was hardly close to similar, instructing Enric in Transfiguration, Charms, Dark Magic and Potions through supervised, timed practical lessons. Although his parents spend a large majority of their time away, his mother in France, and his father running the family franchise, Enric still has an ideal relationship with them both.


Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Reddish Brown
Height 155.94 cm
Weight 49 kg
Native Language German
Ethnicity German/French/Catalonian
Languages Spoken German, Catalan, French and English
Clothing Style Casual
Shoe Size 36


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He is somewhat detached, he is unapologetic and loves a challenge. Sharing his mother Coye's incessant desire to absorb knowledge effortlessly, and his father Ede's no nonsense demeanor, Enric can be very unpleasant. Not to say that he should be avoided or needs to lighten up. Enric's way benefits him, he is tough when he needs to be, fair when he has to be and fun whenever he gets the chance to be.


  • Wand - Poplar, Dragon Heartstring 9⅞ in.
  • Broom -
  • Pocket watch
  • Crossed Flag Pin (France/Germany)
  • Leather Notebook
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Small bar of soap
  • Shampoo
  • Badekåpe
  • Innesko
  • Clothing - Uniform/Robes
  • Course Books
  • Quills and Parchment
  • Brewing Equipment
  • Rucksack
  • Flying Angel Charm
  • Flask (of Gillywater or juice)
  • The Dream Oracle


Enric Klaes - Poplar wand

Enric's wand is made of Poplar wood with a Dragon Hearstring core.

According to Monsieur Ollivander ...


  • Mads (Stoat/Ermine)
Enric Klaes - Mads
Mads is Enric's beloved pet stoat. Mads is a Danish name that means gift from god. Enric choose this name for Mads because when he found the animal, when the animal found him, it had not been long after his mother and father told him he would not be getting a pet anytime soon. He had gone outside to pout about it and quickly spotted a baby stoat. Not far from the weakly kit, Enric found the carcasses of the family. He showed the small kit to his mother who persuaded his father to let him keep it. Mads and Enric have been together ever since.

Magical SkillsEdit

Enric is a gifted Seer, an ability he inherited maternally. He is also skilled in Transfiguration, Potions, and the Dark Arts. Enric does not like revealing that he has the gift of Sight to any one at all, his father did not react favorably when he found out and since then Enric has been hesitant about sharing.