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To create character, go to New Characters. Then, put your character's name in the box, and click "Get Approved". Fill out the page. Wait, and an admin will contact you you, and let you know if your character has been approved. Please be logged in so an Admin knows who to contact, otherwise your character won't be approved.

Once you've been approved, you can make a character page. On you page, include the same information was on their forum. Add the following categories:

  • Characters
  • Students OR Adults
  • Female OR Male
  • Half-blood OR Pure-blood
  • If they are students, add year (spelled out)


Here, we use Word Bubble IC and Word Bubble Gradient and we put all of a user's talk-bubbles on one page.

Student roomsEdit

Students live in small private rooms. Create them as Student's name/Durmstrang Room. Make sure to add them to the Halls. You may use any picture you want for their room, as long as the picture shows a somewhat small room, and no other user is using the same picture.