Hair Black
Eyes Green
Height 5'9
Birthday September 1
Age 17
Nationality Icelandic
Year Seventh
Wand Arm Right
Wand Maple, Dragon Heartstring
Blood Pure Blood
Patronus Will be a Eagle
Boggart Dying
About Johnathon

Johnathon James Marksson is a seventh year student at Durmstrang Institute. 


He's a reckless soul, with an air for adventure— especially life threatening tasks. He'll do anything to prove himself to others. He has often got a little too brave and gotten himself in a scrap. He recognises hard work and will work hard on his plans for daring stunts, although he'll never bother with school work. He abseils for his amusement, likes to freefall and freedom just for a thrill. You name it, he does it.


He was born to two existing parents who most valued bravery and cunning. He was recklessly brave, and his twin Avila had the most cunning mind they had ever seen— it was impossible to tell if she was lying to you or not. Thus Johnathon got in trouble more times than he'd have cared for, as Avila blamed him for everything.

He did so many stunts even Avila was impressed; he had a dojo in the manor, and a sports hall for his amusement. And of course the swimming pool. He learnt Filipino, Welsh, English, French and German as well as his native language Icelandic. He was home schooled, whereas Avila preferred the local primary school, so he had most days filled with peace. Avila went to Beauxbatons, whilst he came here, to Durmstrang.


Adam's model is Josh Hutcherson.

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