Kyarah Linnéa Schöfiéld
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Height 5'7
Birthday December 19
Age 15
Nationality Finnish
Year Fifth
Wand Arm Right
Wand WIP
Blood Pure-Blood
Patronus Will be a Rhinoceros
Boggart Death
Amortentia Roses and soap.

About Kyarah

Kyarah Linnéa Schöfiéld is a fifth year Durmstrang student. Kyarah looks obnoxious on the outside — but inside she has a very sweet yet vulnerable persona. She has fairly long blonde hair and very pale, yet freckled face. She's 6", very tall.


Kyarah does not tolerate any shortenings of her given name— that is one of the only things that will make her mad. She hides behind anything, and has few friends. She calls this independence 'blissful solitude' suggesting she enjoys it. Even the merest insult can make her sad. She can sometimes do things that are so idiotic they get her in trouble, making her the perfect person to target to ask to do dirty work— she is almost afraid to say 'No.'


Felipe and Lindsay lived together happily prior to Kyarah's birth, in a small cottage in Finland; whilst Felipe owned a large mansion, Lindsay came from a poor upbringing and would feel uncomfortable in a large house. So, although with much disdain at first, Felipe moved in with his wife.

At first the two were delighted about Kyarah's birth, dancing around and screaming profanities until late, cooing over their child in ridiculously girlish voices. But eventually Felipe tired of living in the cottage, and one night stole Kyarah and ran.

Kyarah grew up shy — her father was out a lot so she had little support — she was happy to leave for Durmstrang.