Students live in small private rooms, each student gets a small room of their own. There are 14 halls, one for each year and gender. Please add your student's room to the correct hall list.

First Year Girls HallEdit

  1. Clara Starr's room
  2. Angel Jamesdóttir's room
  3. Sofia Pavlis's Room

First Year Boys HallEdit

Second Year Girls HallEdit

  1. Alana Holt's room

Second Year Boys HallEdit

Third Year Girls HallEdit

  1. Alaska Altaier's room

Third Year Boys HallEdit

Fourth Year Girls HallEdit

  1. Astrid Bjørgfinnur's room

Fourth Year Boys HallEdit

  1. Eilif Bjørgfinnur's Room

Fifth Year Girls HallEdit

Fifth Year Boys HallEdit

Sixth Year Girls HallEdit

Sixth Year Boys HallEdit

Seventh Year Girls HallEdit

Seventh Year Boys HallEdit

Eighth Year Girls HallEdit

Eighth Year Boys HallEdit

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