Vesna Nikolovska
Second Year Student
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“Play the game for more than you can afford to lose… only then will you learn the game.”
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height Tall
Birthday January 13
Age 13
Nationality Macedonian
Year Third
Wand Arm Right
Family Stefan Nikolovski (Father)
Metodija Nikolovska née Ilievska (Mother)
Evangelija Nikolovska (Younger Sister)
Wand Sycamore and Dragon Heartstring, 12 ¼ inches
Blood Half-blood
Patronus Hippogriff
Boggart Inferiority
Amortentia Tavče gravče, broomstick

Vesna I. Nikolovska (Macedonian: Весна И. Николовска) is a second year Durmstrang student from Macedonia (FYROM).


Vesna (Весна) is the first daughter of the Nikolovski family, the daughter of Stefan (Стефан) and Metodija (Методија). Although not pure-blood, they're closer than half (about 80% or 85%) and although not rich, they are wealthy, well-off. Vesna was cherished from the moment she was born — her parents took her everywhere with them; Vesna got anything she asked for, so long as she said молам (please).

When Vesna was 5, another baby girl was born, Evangelija (Евангелија). With Evangelija replacing her as "the baby", Vesna's education began. Her parents taught her, and a tutor came once a week. When Vesna was 7, her official education began, and she joined a wizarding-schooling group. And at home, once Evangelija was old enough to do stuff, Vesna and Evangelija formed a close bond.


Clever, assertive, and mysterious, Vesna's upbringing shows. Confident and self-assured, she doesn't doubt for even a moment. She, clever and sincerely intelligent, studies, and pays attention in class, but never has too work too hard to do well in school. Vesna enjoys being mysterious, slightly aloof, and, marginally manipulative. She has a dark streak, truly mean at times, with a sharp tongue when provoked. But Vesna differs greatly depending on the situation; to adults she may be an angel, a prize pupil: respectful and high-achieving.


Vesna has brown hair that falls in loose waves past her shoulders, and matching brown eyes. For her age, she's tall, and she holds herself like she's even taller than she really is.


Stefan Nikolovski
Vesna's has always been adored by her father, ever since she was born, and they have a close bond. He sets high exceptions because he believes she is able to meet them, and she does.

Metodija Nikolovska
Vesna and her mother have always had a strong relationship, although they're not really close. She doesn't exactly trust her mom but she does love her. Vesna rarely wants advice, but when she does, her mother is the first person she goes to.

Evangelija Nikolovska
Vesna has a very close relationship with her sister. She bosses Evangelija around in true "older sister" fashion, and is also very protective of her. And on the flip side, Vesna usually plays games with her sister when Evangelija asks her too, and teaches her many of the things she learns.


  • She speaks a little Albanian.